IMIS Screenwriting Community

The IMIS Screenwriting Community promotes, encourages and explores the role of the screenwriter across all forms of the media industry including, but not limited to, feature films, short films, commercials and advertisements, interactive narratives and future mediums.

What is the IMIS Screenwriting Community?

The IMIS Screenwriting Community is uniquely well placed to provide a Screenwriters hub like no other:

Firstly, as part of the BKSTS – in operation since 1931 – we draw on a phenomenal amount of experience, history and resources within the entertainment industry.

Secondly, with many members who work as Directors, Producers and Cinematographers, we offer unrivaled networking opportunities for Screenwriters to have their projects enabled and realised.

Additionally, we understand that the pressures that Screenwriters have can be especially isolating. So our community aims to provide a new place where people can come together and share their honest experiences of this field.

We will also provide structure to the often unpredictable lives of Screenwriters through:

  • Smart, targeted, educational courses and events
  • Exposure to the newer industry entry points, such as VR/360, proof-of-concept shorts
  • Intelligently designed competitions that provide exposure to the winners, but also help you identify and develop gaps in your process
  • Working with industry partners that provide you with a multitude of options to have your work seen.

Not ready to join us yet? That’s okay – simply stay up-to-date with our opportunities and events by registering and/or following us on social media.

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Why Should You Join

  1. You want to network with fellow screenwriters, producers, directors, agents and other members of the moving image industry.
  2. You want to keep up-to-date on the trends, techniques, tools and methods of writing.
  3. You want to find the best methods for telling your stories.
  4. You would like to attend screenwriting events.
  5. You want to find out about contests, competitions, and film festivals.
  6. You would like to be part of an organisation that has a rich history of over 85 years of promoting its members work and leading the industry.

Tell Us What You Want

If you are a screenwriter, director, producer or anyone interested in joining our Screenwriting Community, we are interested in hearing what you would like us to help you with.  The survey below will take around 12 minutes to complete and will help us out immensely.  Thank you!

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