What is It?

IMIS believes that we must continuously challenge ourselves in order to get better at our craft. That is why we came up with the “One-Page Screenplay Competition.”

Why Just One Page?

One page is just long enough to create a story and add a piece to your portfolio, but also short enough that it won’t take days or weeks for you to work on. In other words, it won’t take you away from your other screenplays you’re working on, right? It is a challenge, so brevity and laser-focus is key here.

What is the Theme?

The theme of this month’s competition is “Fish Out of Water.” You can interrupt that in any direction as much as you want.

When is My Screenplay Due By?

All screenplay submissions are due by Friday the 23rd November 2018 by 17:00 GMT. Anything submitted beyond this will be disqualified.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s free to enter.

What Do I Win?

First, just by participating you are improving your screenwriting skills. The overall winner will receive a free year of membership to IMIS and a £25 Amazon gift card, a free year of IMIS Membership, plus we will publish your screenplay for everyone to read, and you’ll have the satisfaction of beating everyone else! But wait, if you’re already member of IMIS, we will double the Amazon gift card to £50!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate. Members of IMIS get a little extra, but we want as many entries as possible.

Who Will Be Judging the Competition?

A select group of members of IMIS will be judging the screenplays.

Will You Be Doing More of These in the Future?

Hey, if this one goes well, we would love to make these a regular thing, so you know…let people know about it and ENTER it.