Nominate a Member for the Advisory Council

Nominations due by Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 17:00 BST.

    Policy for Nominations for Council (in regards to section 26 of the AoA passed on 13 Mar 2017):

    Full, and Fellow, and Honorary Fellow Members who are paid up are allowed to nominate one member willing to act as a candidate to be elected to the Advisory Council. All classifications of members are allowed to serve on the Advisory Council and are allowed to vote on Advisory Council matters.

    All candidates who are eligible to serve on the Advisory Council, must be nominated by at least two (2) members and must be sent to the President at least twenty-one (21) days (Monday, 22nd May 2017) to the AGM.

    If the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats on the Advisory Council a vote will take place at the AGM.  All candidates who satisfy the above criteria will be automatically elected as a member of the Advisory Council if the maximum number of seats on the Advisory Council are not exceeded.

    What is the Advisory Council?

    The Advisory Council are a group of members of the Society that serve as their representatives and serve for three-year terms.  The Advisory Council meets no less than four times per year in central London–however, because of the nature and makeup of the Society, several Council members are able to participate in meetings remotely.

    The Election Process

    1. Once the nomination process has ceased, we will communicate with the members who have reached the required numbers to see if they would like to run for the Advisory Council.
    2. In the event that more than fifteen members are up to serve on the Advisory Council, a formal election process will begin.
    3. After confirming their desire to run, nominees will be asked to provide a small statement and picture to publish on the website. This information will be sent out to members prior to the EGM.
    4. Voting will be taken by proxy vote and by show of hands at the EGM. Voting is either in favour or against–any who abstain their vote will be counted as against.
    5. The elected candidates with the highest number of votes shall be elected.

    For a complete list of current Advisory Council members, please visit click the link below.

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