Warm Wishes to HRH Prince Philip in Retirement

The International Moving Image Society would like to extend a warm wish to HRH, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in his announcement of his retirement from public duties.  At 96 years old, it is a well deserved retirement and we wish him the best of health as he continues forward.  Prince Philip served as the Patron of our Society in the 1970s from 1973-1981.

Thank you for all that you have done for us and the industry.

Come See Us at the BSC Expo and BVE!

Hey everyone!

IMIS is proud to be a partner of the BSC Expo at Battersea Evolution on 3-4 February,Booth 232.  We are also partners for BVE at the Excel Centre on 28 February – 2 March.

If you are interested in joining or curious to see what we’re up to, come check us out.

Weekly Recap

Hey everyone!

It’s been a heck of week. We announced last Monday our rebrand as the International Moving Image Society and boy has the response been exactly what we hoped for. We’ve received many emails, messages, and comments about the positive change and our way forward. Thank you so much for validating all of our hard work.

Just as a reminder: We have a FREE event in London on Tuesday, 22nd November on Immersive Audio for the future of the industry. Special guests from the research team at the BBC will be presenting and giving a demonstration. We’re excited to learn more about it and we think you will too!

We are still getting our line-up of events for the rest of the year together and will have that for you shortly.

In the meantime, have a look at our wonderful articles, videos, podcasts being developed on the Blog.

Stay fresh and keep learning.

FAQ: On the Future of the Society

On the announcement of our rebrand, we’ve been receiving lots of questions. We’ve assembled this FAQ to help.  More to come in another post.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is happening to the BKSTS?

The BKSTS is now trading as the International Moving Image Society to better ourselves with the evolving industry and its growth.

How can I, as an existing member, log into the new website?

Thank you for your patience.  Transitioning from our older website is not an easy process.  We will be sending out instructions on how to join the new website.

What does the International Moving Image Society do?

We are a professional learned Society that aims to inspire, educate, train, and connect all members of the media industry, whether at entry or professional level, around the world.

What is the scope of the International Moving Image Society?

Our mission includes but is not limited to films, television, commercials, music videos, short films, animation, gaming, and future formats for consumption.

Who should become a member?

Join us if:

You are just beginning you’re beginning your career in the industry.

You are a freelancer in the media industry.

You want to improve your skills.

You want to experience and learn about emerging trends.

You want to learn about other areas of the industry.

You want to socialise with similar members.

You are interested in events encompassing the entire spectrum.

You want to enter and develop a rewarding career in the industry.

You want to set and maintain the highest production values.

You want to pass on your experience, wisdom, and insight upon the next generation.

How can I become a member?

Right now we are offering free Associate Membership that runs through the remainder of 2016. In the coming year we are announcing a new series of membership grades that have been adapted towards the changing environment and for anyone to be able to join, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started.

Can I still use the designatory letters MBKS or FBKS after my name?

Yes.  In order to maintain our legacy we still want you to use these letters.

How can I help?

We have several committees that encompass all areas of the industry, no matter the format, no matter the craft skills area.  You can join one of these or offer to start one for us!

You may have noticed that we are writing articles, making podcasts, streaming events, recording and editing videos, and producing resources for the industry.  Email us if you’d like to get involved in this.

If you’re experienced or retired and wish to help the next generation, we would gladly welcome your contribution.  Again, contact us to see how this is possible.

What is happening to the Course Accreditation?

The Society is still accrediting courses and looking to expand the programme to universities and short courses that have a strong interest in developing qualified and competent members of the industry.

The BKSTS Relaunches as the International Moving Image Society

London, UK, 7 November 2016

The British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society (BKSTS) is celebrating its 85th anniversary by rebranding and relaunching itself as the International Moving Image Society (IMIS).  The Society has seen the evolving nature of the industry and has decided this new brand is better aligned to address current changes in the industry as well as future developments.

The Society is not only looking towards encompassing traditional formats like feature films, television, short films, commercials, and music promos but also non-traditional formats such as virtual reality, interactive mediums, gaming, mobile video, web series and more.

In addition, the Society has laid out it’s aims to inspire, train, educate, and connect all members of the industry, whether at entry or professional level, around the world.  The Society plans on accomplishing this through its new website www.societyinmotion.com where it will develop original content for every phase of development from conception, through production, and all the way through exhibition and archiving.  Further, the Society plans to offer new seminars and events open to members and the public, training courses, opportunities for online and in-person networking, and expand its accreditation programme.  The Society aims on building a strong alliance with other societies, guilds and associations, both in the UK and around the world, in order to fulfil its mission.

The Society is best known for its series of monthly lectures covering all aspects of the industry ranging from technical to creative.  The Society has also had a rich history of providing wall charts that illustrate best-management practices for areas of the industry as well as technical resources.  The Society is a partner to Cinema Technology Magazine with members who regularly contribute to the publication.


About the BKSTS

The BKSTS is a non-profit member-based organisation that was formed in the late 1920s as the ‘London Branch’ of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (now known as SMPTE) until 1930 when it split to form its own organisation.  In 1931 the Society began by accrediting the London Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster) in 1932.  It has grown and evolved over time to meet the changes of the industry such as the shift from employment to freelancing as well as film to digital.  It is in this respect that the Society has decided to evolve itself again into the International Moving Image Society.  The Society has members in over 20 countries and plans to expand its base to many more.

The Society at IBC 2016

The International Moving Image Society will be at IBC Stand 6.B01.  We will have copies of Cinema Technology on the stand and some furniture for members to use.  We will be sending two representatives on behalf of the Society to roam the floor, engage with other vendors, and promote the Society.  Please feel free to contact us at bryan.cook@societyinmotion.com if you would like to meet to discuss anything.