Nominations for IMIS 2018 Awards

Nominations due by Thursday, 30th November 2017 17:00 GMT.

Policy for Award Nominations:

All paid up and current members of IMIS are allowed to nominate for the awards.  All nominations will be held in private.  The Advisory Council will select the finalists and vote for the awards.  You do not have to nominate a person or organisation to each category nor must you list a reason for the nomination.  Please see the details of the qualifications for each award on the side.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

    About the Awards

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Lifetime Achievement Award is given for a litetime of achievement, dedication and passion either creative, management or technical for the industries served by the Society.

    Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

    Given to an individual or organisation making a highly significant artistic or creative contribution which has enhanced the public’s enjoyment and appreciation of the cinema, television or multimedia industries.

    The Technical & Scientific Achievement Award

    The Technical & Scientifical Achievement Award is given for an outstanding invention, development or innovation that has contributed to the advancement of the industries served by the Society.

    The Lady Doris and Sir Sydney Samuelson Award

    The Lady Doris and Sir Sydney Samuelson Award is given to a person or corporate body for an outstanding contribution to British cinema presentation. The use of all forms of technology for the benefit of audiences suffering from every kind of disability being particularly significant.

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