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Approaching Genre & Subgenre in your Scripts

A little bit about Genre Genres pretty much define anything from the type of writer you are to the way your characters speak. You’ve a message to write, and genre determines the way in which your message is delivered. After all, what you do with genre is create a niche which ultimately determines your audience; […]

The Third Act: The Grand Finale

So, you’ve reached the end. It’s time for your protagonist to give us their last sweeping wave before the curtain falls and the lights come back on. Hopefully you’re planning on going out with a bang, but before you dust off your hands completely, there are a few things you should know. What goes inside […]

Act II: Into the Thick of It

In continuation of my article featuring the first act, we’ll now move on to Act II structure. As you already know, there is no one handier to help in story structure than Blake Snyder and his beat sheet. In act I we covered the Opening Image (page 1), the Theme Stated (page 5), the Set-Up […]

The Media Production Show: Day 1 Highlights

This year the Media Production Show took place at London’s Olympia venue, its second edition falling in nicely with the start of the summer. Organized across a range of pop-up stalls, camera studios and platforms for the key interviewers, visitors were free to roam from stall to stall, networking, engaging and hearing about new developments […]

Formatting Fun: Scriptwriting Essentials

Script Formatting So now that you’ve got the basics of your screenplay worked out and ready, it’s time to cast your ever-eager gaze onto the art of formatting. This is possibly one of the trickiest aspects of scriptwriting to master, but only because there are plenty of differing views and techniques at large. If you […]

What does a script supervisor do on set?

Script Supervisor If you are interested in the world of screenwriting and film, but not sure where to start in terms of writing, you’re in luck. Your job prospects aren’t limited to being hold up in your room, agonizing over proper formatting. You could take on far more practical roles within a film production. For […]

Flaws for Thought: Character Development

In a technologically geared world, where VFX and Motion Graphics are taking the film industry by storm, proper character development is sometimes left at the wayside. Complex antagonists and detailed backstories have also taken a hit, alongside emotional depth and realistic personalities. The hero’s flawless. The heroine well-groomed. He’s cocky. She’s funny. They laugh in […]

Act One: Drumming Out Your Beat Sheet

Films are undoubtedly a visual medium, and a powerful one, but they aren’t born that way. Every film starts off as a script, and what lies within the pages of your screenplay determines or defies the quality of its visual twin. You should sequence your story into manageable, bite-sized portions, which when transferred to screen, […]