Nigel Hamley

Advisory Council Member

Nigel is currently serving on Council representing the interests of the International Membership. It’s a very exciting time for the Society with its re-branding, as IMIS our International future looks Bright. Nigel is standing again and looks forward to developing Branches Overseas and increasing our International Membership and Sponsorship.

With a Career that started in the UK, he was trained in Film first and then moved to Broadcast Television working for a leading British Facilities Company. With education in both the Creative and Engineering side of the Business he truly became the product of “Science meeting Art”

Nigel has held leading management positions in Media Companies in the UK as Managing Director and in the United States as President, and is the recipient of two International Technology Patents.

Currently, he resides in Los Angeles and has Directed programs in the UK, Italy and the United States. He has in the course of work visited Broadcasters across Europe, the Middle East and North America. With experience from Film to 4K he recently held the position of “Director of the IPTV Division” of Marshall Electronics bringing “Streaming Video Solutions” to major players in the Industry.