John Locke

John is a character film actor and blogger for the independent film industry. He has worked, recently, with Joe Wright, Yorgos Lanthimos, Max Minghella and the Wachowskis in addition to a number of independent producers ( ). Particular interest in original, left-field, improvised and experimental film making and its development. In 2017 was a jury member for the 2017 “French Canadien International Film Festival” in Dieppe, France and a sister Short Film Festival in Brighton, UK where John was also on the judging panel. As a consequence of this experience John started a blog aimed at promoting the Independent Film Industry and the work of young, aspiring, film makers in particular ( ). John’s interests with IMIS are: Developing the opportunities for the independent film industry to show and exploit its work; seeking to influence national arts policy to this end; working to break down remaining silo-thinking within the industry; ensuring understanding of roles and responsibilities to mutual benefit; developing the reach of film making through the National Curriculum, thereby increasing the interest in courses accredited by IMIS; and increasing the public recognition of the diversity of the industry and its value to the national economy. IMIS remains uniquely placed in the industry and seeking to grow its membership through exposure and new technology will also bring mutual benefit to all professionals working throughout the industry, on both sides of the camera.