Christopher Woollard

Advisory Council Member

My career in the film industry started at the age of 13, when I became a projectionist at my cinema in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

I undertook a degree in Computer Science at the Hatfield Polytechnic graduating with first class honours in 1978. Following this I undertook work briefly in the banking industry before returning to University to undertake my doctors degree at the University of Essex. This was in a field directly supporting the infant digital film industry.

I then spend several years in the United States, working for the supercomputer manufacturer Thinking Machines. It was here that my work with digital motion picture processing became really important for Thinking Machines. Our company’s computer was selected for the feature Jurassic Park, then in preparation and requiring very advanced computing support, I was assigned to the film.

After this my career in digital cinematography moved into a variety of feature films alongside teaching at the University of Greenwich as the leader in their infant film program. I developed this into a full Masters degree in Cinematography and Post Production.

My career continues now at Ravensbourne.

I have been a member and fellow of IMIS for many years.