About Us

We provide the film, TV, video game and media industries
with the education and training to produce the best products.

Areas We Cover

(Basically, if it has moving images, we focus on it in some shape or form.)

Scope of Our Mission

Our Mission includes but is not limited to feature films, television, commercials, music videos, short films, animation, gaming, and future emerging formats for consumption.

What this means is that the Society is opening its interpretation of what moving images are.  Moving images surround us all the time and they are taking on new forms. We see them on billboards, on our mobile phones, on the computer, on TV, at the cinema—everywhere.  We’ve decided to take a liberal attitude towards moving images because they are morphing and changing, but the fundamental aspects of storytelling and communicating a message remain unchanged.  In addition, we are interested in covering subjects that lead to moving images being developed from conception, through production, and all the way to exhibition in whatever form that may be.

History the International Moving Image Society

IMIS was born out of the BKSTS in 2016. The BKSTS was originally the ‘London Branch’ of Society of Motion Picture Engineers (now known as SMPTE) until 1930 when it split for various reasons.  It formed as the BKS and began accrediting courses at the London Polytechnic in 1932.  In the 70s the words ‘Sound and Television’ were added to the Society’s name.  Now in 2016 the Society is changing. We are evolving.

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