Student Widescreen Film of the Year 2017 – Now Open for Entries

The National Media Museum and the International Moving Image Society are proud to announce that the Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition for 2017 is now open!

The Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition is an international event which showcases films from emerging talent in a widescreen format. The competition is part of the annual Widescreen Weekend festival. This is a unique competition which strives to celebrate widescreen film and technologies within all genres. Short films shot in 16:9 should not be entered.

The competition is for short films made in a widescreen format – minimum aspect ratio width of 2.2:1, with other wider aspect ratios such as ‘Scope ratios 2.35:1 / 2.39:1 being ideal. Our previous entrants include the 2017 BAFTA winner of the British Short Animation category, A Love Story.

This internationally attended festival has a growing student audience and this competition is an opportunity to showcase a shortlist of films from emerging talent in one of the most prestigious cinemas within the UK. The shortlisted films will be screened in Pictureville Cinema at the National Media Museum, Bradford in October (dates TBC).

The International Moving Image Society, a long established and respected media industry professional body, has an international membership working in the moving image industries. Through its developing IMIS Accreditation Scheme it has a growing relationship with moving image students producing outstanding short films frequently fully embracing the widescreen aesthetic.

Widescreen Weekend and IMIS are co-operating again to provide a competition and showcase opportunity for student and graduate film makers who are fully exploiting widescreen aesthetics and production.

Entries are due by Friday, 4th August. No charge to enter.  


More Details Can Be Found Here