Tips on How To Get a Job In the Film and TV Industry – #1 Email Signatures

We sit down with Tom Piamenta, cofounder of WiseStamp,to discuss the importance of formatting and presenting yourself to potential clients and branding techniques.

BC:  Why is it important to have a well-formatted email signature?

TP:  A good email signature serves 3 major goals.

 First, it sets the tone of the email. It shows who you are, your persona (e.g. serious vs fun) and promotes your personal brand.

Second, it lets your recipients easily see who you are and take the conversation into a friendlier place while removing hesitations and obstacles. People are also less likely to ignore a “personal” outreach. This is why adding your personal photo or a favorite quote is a good idea.

Third, an effective signature can be a powerful ally of the content of your email. Let’s say you wish to setup a meeting with someone, you can add to your signature a distinct button saying “Let’s schedule a meeting” that allows the recipient to book a time online.


BC: Why is it important to put links to my website and social media profiles?

TP:  People who take the time to view your email are likely to Google your name and gather more data about you. Adding links to your website and profiles makes sure they will come across the content that you want them to see and not random stuff they can found online.


BC: Is putting a profile picture next to my email signature a good idea?

TP: This depends on the outcome you’d like to achieve. A profile picture makes the email more personal and harder to ignore, while adding a logo makes matters a bit more formal. Personally, I use a profile picture, since I prefer to keep the conversation light and amiable rather than strictly professional.


BC: What other ways can email signatures help me as a freelancer or business?

TP: Your email signature is a powerful piece of real estate you are leaving untapped. That’s actually the reason we created WiseStamp – to allow you to make your signature more effective using a variety of Email Apps.

A physician can add a call to action to his signature (“Book a meeting with me”), where an eBay seller will add a promotion (“Click here to enjoy our holiday pricing”) and an actor can add the cover images to showcase their filmography.


BC: Are there any rules to how long an email signature should be?

T.P: I’m a devout believer in the saying that less is more. A good signature should include your profile picture or logo, personal data (name, title, company), icons to your social profiles (Linkedin, Facebook, IMDB  etc.) and a concise call to action relevant to the outcome you wish to achieve.


BC: What about font selection?

TP: The only thing to remember is to never use fonts that are not websafe. If you do you have no idea what the recipient will actually see. We only allow websafe fonts at WiseStamp so no need to worry about that.


BC: Is it important if I work in a business that everyone’s email signatures are consistent?

TP: When WiseStamp started we only had a solution for individuals, but since consistency is of grave importance our users drove us to develop a team solution that does just that – allow for central management of the company’s email signature. Signatures that aren’t unified reflect badly on the company and sometimes cause actual harm (e.g. if the legal disclaimer is omitted by some employees).

A big advantage of a centrally managed solution is that the company can push its marketing messages in all emails sent with a click, thus promoting webinars, sales, launching new products etc.


WiseStamp is the leading growth platform for micro businesses and freelancers, helping over 700,000 professionals grow their business.

On top of the email signature solution, WiseStamp offers tools to create a personal webpage with a click, promote and list your site in search engines and directories etc.

No matter what your business or profession – we’ve got the apps and services to help you achieve your goals: get leads, brand your business, distribute your content, showcase your portfolio, build a community, all while looking super professional – we’ve got the features and tools to help you do it.


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Student Widescreen Film of the Year 2017 – Now Open for Entries

The National Media Museum and the International Moving Image Society are proud to announce that the Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition for 2017 is now open!

The Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition is an international event which showcases films from emerging talent in a widescreen format. The competition is part of the annual Widescreen Weekend festival. This is a unique competition which strives to celebrate widescreen film and technologies within all genres. Short films shot in 16:9 should not be entered.

The competition is for short films made in a widescreen format – minimum aspect ratio width of 2.2:1, with other wider aspect ratios such as ‘Scope ratios 2.35:1 / 2.39:1 being ideal. Our previous entrants include the 2017 BAFTA winner of the British Short Animation category, A Love Story.

This internationally attended festival has a growing student audience and this competition is an opportunity to showcase a shortlist of films from emerging talent in one of the most prestigious cinemas within the UK. The shortlisted films will be screened in Pictureville Cinema at the National Media Museum, Bradford in October (dates TBC).

The International Moving Image Society, a long established and respected media industry professional body, has an international membership working in the moving image industries. Through its developing IMIS Accreditation Scheme it has a growing relationship with moving image students producing outstanding short films frequently fully embracing the widescreen aesthetic.

Widescreen Weekend and IMIS are co-operating again to provide a competition and showcase opportunity for student and graduate film makers who are fully exploiting widescreen aesthetics and production.

Entries are due by Friday, 4th August. No charge to enter.  


More Details Can Be Found Here