The worldwide pandemic – Covid-19, had a dramatic effect on our Industry during 2020, and through 2021 with Productions being cancelled or being shot under strange and unusual conditions. Cinemas were badly affected with many temporary closings to meet governmental rules. The broadcast industry’s largest trade show NAB delayed from April to October has been cancelled, so we are not out of the woods yet.

As many of our members are freelance or provide their services as small businesses, the prior Administration decided to suspend subscriptions to help them weather the economic storm. We continued that policy.  In the future we will start subscriptions again.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 also put a damper on Society events. The Board in its first year has been hard at work with over a dozen Board Meetings to develop a strategy for a 21st Century Society which will better service a membership that is worldwide.  This has been an intense effort and I hope early next year we will be able to introduce you to IMIS 2022.

All of us on the Board and Advisory Council feel our best days are still to come.  The Society was founded in 1931 as BKS: The British Kinematograph Society, and has adapted several times. Today we have become IMIS to reflect a growing Worldwide Membership.

We are truly unique as a “Global Meeting Place” for all who work in the Moving Image Industry, from Game Developers to Feature Film Production and everything in between.  A place where Science meets Art.  Where Craft Specialists, Technicians, Engineers and Studio Management can meet to better understand each other and find new and exciting methods to tell compelling and entertaining stories. We look forward to our next event. I hope you will join us when we introduce you to IMIS 2022.

We were saddened to learn recently of the passing of John Aldred FBKS on 15th December 2020 aged 99. John was a long-standing member of the Society and served as our President from 1980 to 1982. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to John’s family. Please click the button below for a tribute to John, an epilogue and history of John’s illustrious and fascinating career.