Message from the President of IMIS

Monday, 15th March 2021 – Burbank, California

Dear Members, sponsors and colleagues: Last September at our Annual General Meeting a New Advisory Council was elected and thereafter they nominated me to be President of IMIS.

As the incoming President I take this this role with humility and honor following in the footsteps of many before me in this society that started in the 1930’s and had in its ranks many world renowned leaders in our industry.

First, I must thank my predecessor Roland Brown, FBKS who with his Board led the Society through some difficult times during his tenure and into the worst of times with the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

IMIS, previously & formally called BKSTS, is an ever-evolving society which has a worldwide reach with members involved in every aspect of moving image creation, distribution and display. With a drive to serve our International community, I am the first President of IMIS that is not resident in the United Kingdom but in the Hollywood Region of California.

      Nigel Hamley, FBKS – President IMIS

Together with the new Board, we are undertaking during these Covid-19 times as best we can, a structural reform to create a 21st Century Society that meets the needs of a global membership. Over the coming months we will be launching brand new initiatives to serve our international community.

If you are a Member and are wondering why you have not received an invoice for you annual membership, fear not. We decided during this difficult time with a pandemic ever present, we would suspend dues. As we hopefully move to more normal times, we will send you an invoice accordingly.

On Covid-19, if you are shooting a show, you should be aware that almost every country has set up protocols for safe and responsible production. You should check your local authorities for the regional ordinances.

Before Covid-19 we streamed a number of educational live events on different aspects of our industry. We are going to make them available for Encore Viewing in our New “Encore Theatre” look for a tab on the website.

IMIS is all about including everybody in the moving image industry, Create, Communicate, Collaborate.

So, enough words, right, see our Video below.