The Right Honourable The Baroness Floella Benjamin OM DBE DL

The Board and Advisory Council of IMIS were thrilled to learn that member and Fellow, of the association, Floella Benjamin, had been awarded the prestigious Order of Merit. This is a personal award of the Monarch and there can only be twenty-four living Members at any one time. It was, originally created by Edward Vll in 1902.

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The Right Honourable The Baroness Floella Benjamin OM DBE DL

At the 2022 September AGM Nigel Hamley stepped down as our then President. As Nigel’s Vice President, I am happy to take on the role of Acting President whilst we recruit Nigel’s replacement. My sincere thanks to our departing President, Nigel Hamley, the Hollywood based independent film executive, who successfully saw our organisation through the Covid pandemic and who has led the reopening and the reshaping of IMIS. Thank you, Nigel!

I have worked in the film and audio production industry for over 40 years, working for major producers as well as organising and enabling ‘live’ international concert streaming events. In working across all areas of production, post production, distribution of film and live streaming I see huge potential for IMIS/BKSTS in connecting members from diverse backgrounds across the industry. From students just starting into the industry through to seasoned professionals, IMIS/BKSTS is the perfect environment for networking and keeping up to date with the latest developments.

IMIS/BKSTS has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the changing needs of our industry and those who work in the many different professions. The process of adaptation continues in these difficult and challenging post-COVID years. The Board of IMIS, in association with the IMIS Advisory Council, are currently working on a broad range of initiatives. Broadening the opportunity for members to participate, actively through community groups around the World. This will give members, Worldwide, an organisation that will be relevant to their needs locally.

The Board very much and sincerely hope that you will want to participate in this process. I am therefore issuing you a personal invitation to get in touch if you would like to be part of the development of our 91-year-old organisation! I look forward to hearing from you and to communicating with you again shortly.

David Pope, Acting President, MBKS, November 2022

IMIS is a supporter of The Film and TV Charity.